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Brad Buss, owner and operator of Bradley Design, is a talented Colorado custom home designer who has been a recognized expert in innovative yet practical home designs since 1992. He has been designing custom homes of all styles and sizes with properties credited to his portfolio ranging from 200 thousand to several million dollars in value. While he has focused his attention on the art of luxury home building over the past thirty plus years, Brad has over forty years of experience in the residential and commercial construction industry.

Every homesite has characteristics which present unique possibilities for the imagination, and all clients who are planning a custom home have compelling qualities which influence their lifestyles. Clients have an essential role in the planning process as their own way of life, sense of style and space, and homesite are reflected in the creative expression of the customized design. Applying innovative techniques in creative design and engineering result in a higher perceived home value while maintaining a practical budget. Brad’s experience and leadership in this process provides the necessary personal attention, perseverance, and teamwork to surpass expectations.

Builders have proven to be a valuable asset when involved in the planning stages through a design/build approach. Bradley Design teams well with builders and their customers. Builders can be recommended to the client based on past successful collaborations. Brad also has established associations with builders who build on speculation. Previous achievements from Bradley Design and the builder can be combined to quickly create a winning design that will sell.
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